Delirious Ones

All of the Delirious Ones can be contracted individually through Delirium Films or we can create a crew for you to fulfill any of your production needs.
        • John Byrd - Senior Partner, Founder, Executive Producer

          E. Alan Contino - Senior Partner, Chief Engineer

          Eric Miller - Junior Partner, Network Services Specialist

          Jeannine LaPorte - Junior Partner, Director of Operations, Script Supervisor, Web Design Specialist

          Steve Jencks - Associate Partner, Web Design Specialist, Senior Graphic Artist

          B.K. Johnson - Associate Partner, Visual Effects Supervisor, Animation Specialist

          Mike Dereniewski - Associate Partner, Producer/Director, Record Label CEO

          Daniel S. Noga - Associate Partner, Director of Photography, Screen Writer

          Gary Glaser - Associate Partner, Director, Documentarian

          Audrey Geyer -  Associate Partner, Producer/Director, Writer
        • William Heimiller - Writer, Producer, Actor
        • Denise Baldwin - Photographer