Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production
Motion Picture
Visual FX
Broadcast Television

It is important to understand the scope of services that can be provided as well as the comprehensive focus for individual needs Delirium Films can provide to your organization or production.

All services provided by Delirium Films are divided into three categories of application:
Pre-Production = Planning, Coordination, administration, and development
Production = administration, implementation, support, and execution of a plan or service
Post-Production = follow-through administration, execution, and support of the plan results to create a finished product or public release

Let us know which area of service may apply to your organization or individual needs.

Here is a basic example of the many Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production services Delirium Films can provide:

Motion Picture
  • 70mm/35mm
    Digital Cinema 4k/2k (RED Camera, Panavision Genesis, Arriflex D-20)
    High Definition Cinema (Professional HD used with 35mm Prime Lenses)
    HDV Cinema (Small format HD used with 35mm Prime Lenses)
    Standard Definition Cinema (Professional SD used with 35mm Prime Lenses)
    Stereoscopic Cinema (3D acquisition with any format)

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Visual FX
  • Motion Picture production CGI effects
    Motion Picture post-production CGI effects
    3D animation
    Gaming production
    Motion Capture production
    Stereoscopic (3D) production

Broadcast Television
  • HDTV (Large format HD video tape or hard drive systems)
    SDTV (Large format SD video tape or hard drive systems)
    Remote SDTV (Large format SD “Suitcase Studio” systems)
    HD / SD ENG (Field reporting packages)

  • Motion Picture production sound design (On-location digital multi-track recording with TC sync)
    Motion Picture post-production sound design (soundtrack composition, scoring, digital multi-track editing and mastering)
    Broadcast Television sound design (Live event / pre-recorded event digital multi-track recording)
    Sound Re-Enforcement (Live event / Pre-recorded event multi-channel amplification systems)

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  • Print Design
    Internet Design
    Embroidery Design
    Wearable Design

  • Analog Recording
    Digital Recording
    Vinyl Records
    Label support & consulting

  • Website Design
    Website Hosting
    E-Commerce Solutions
    Database Management
    Network Management
    Point of Sale Solutions
    Virtual Infrastructure Leasing
    Highly-available Virtual Networks
    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    Shared ESX Clusters
    Dedicated ESX Clusters

*Delirium Films is an actual host provider and does not outsource the above services to 3rd party systems.

  • Design and Installation for:
    • Stereoscopic (3D) production & presentation systems
      Digital Video Studio Systems
      Digital Audio Studio Systems
      Digital Editing Systems
      Sound Re-enforcement Systems

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