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Welcome to the new Delirium networks. A division of Delirium Films focused on internet and datacenter services for the creative professional.

Delirium Films was formed in 1996 as a partnership based in the Detroit area. We are a full service Motion Picture, Audio, Television and Graphics company providing comprehensive support for Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Our services are all-encompassing from internet development, broadcast, and theatrical mediums.

The mission of Delirium Films is to unite independent artists into a collaborative and commercial enterprise that is mutually supportive through “intrapreneurship” while giving each artist the means to create their own entrepreneurship endeavors with education, equipment and representation.

In 2000 this cooperative network expanded to include IT infrastructure development to provide direct Data Center support for all small business needs while integrating mass media streaming and dynamic web content.

The entire cooperative of Delirium Films / Delirium Networks is made up of individual entrepreneurs working as a team to to promote and support each other. We call these individuals “Delirious Ones”.

All aspects of the Delirium Films partnership are original creations of any entrepreneur that may be affiliated with or part of the network. Such as our web site design, service packets, demonstration videos, etc.

If you would like to receive clients from, be represented by, or produce your own material with Delirium Films and become part of our network, join the delirious ones now! It is 100% FREE!!

What We Offer

From Pre-Production – Live Events – Post Production and On-Demand services, we’ve got you covered!

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We Understand Requirements

After providing a wide variety of services over the past 25 years, we’ve adapted and grown with technology to best interpret and coordinate all your needs.

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We Work Precisely ​

Founded and still lead by Engineers, we maintain a focus on continually learning the state-or-the-art technologies required to support the highest precision and efficiency for you.

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We Deliver the Best Output​

Using all the latest quality control and engineering technologies our focus on delivering the highest value to you is unmatched.

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