Production still photography

On production shoots:

There is one key to shooting stills for production; trust.  It’s not unheard of for actors to kick the photographer off a set, and an uncooperative or uneasy subject isn’t good for your shots, or the production.  Usually these unfortunate circumstances can be avoided simply by having the actors get personally comfortable with you.  Make sure that you’re not only introduced but be very acquainted.  If you can know something about the actors recent work, that won’t make you seem ignorant if the actor engages you for conversation.  If the actor is a photography enthusiast, even the better, many times they are!  After you start to shoot them, find an unobtrusive time and say something that informs them of your importance to the production like “I think I already got some great shots.  This is really gonna help the [production/promotion].  Thanks!”  The talent want to make the best production possible and they believe they are doing that, whether that means kicking you off the set, or cooperating and appreciating what you’re doing for them.