Past Productions:

Tom Foolery… Metro Detroit area Ventriloquist, Tom Foolery is currently in production on his first DVD release and new web presence.  The upcoming DVD will feature live performances and special features.  Check back soon for more information and DVD release for this holiday season.

Detroit 187… Dan Noga, Delirium’s feature Director of Photography, recently provided 2nd Unit camera work for ABC Television’s Detroit187 police drama.  Watch for Dan’s shots in upcoming episodes of the series and help us keep the ratings growing.  Detroit needs reoccurring dramatic productions like this to continue the growth of our industry.

Force Out…  A followup documentary to “Stranded At The Corner; the battle to save Tiger Stadium“, Force Out covers the events that transpired with the City of Detroit demolishing the historic landmark and the current activity of Detroit citizens who are making use of the ball field despite the City’s lack of involvement.

Once again acclaimed documentarian director, Gary Glaser is leading the team for this feature length documentary.  Watch closely this holiday season for more info here and be sure to keep up-to-date with the production activity at Glaser

HFCC Film & TV Club… Delirium has continued our mission of education in film and television production through it’s sponsorship of the Henry Ford Community College Film & TV Club.  By providing camera, lighting & grip equipment to this student organization and Delirium professionals who work along side students, we are able to foster a new level of education beyond the classroom.

Delirium is proud to have assisted in the creation of numerous short films created entirely by student crews.  Check back soon for these shorts and more information on upcoming training workshops.

THE MATTER WITH THEM… The Internet pilot, “The Matter With Them,” starring Jay Malack and Inge Wilson (and a large supporting cast including Second City alums Jeff Fritz, Rico Bruce Wade and Dave Davies) nears completion later this month, and will roll out first with private showings in Detroit, Livonia and elsewhere before launching from the Jeffrey Porch site. The Jeffrey Porch©

YOU ARE HERE… A feature drama written and directed by Tim Jeffrey is complete and currently screening in theaters across america.  Check the The Jeffrey Porch website for screening dates in your area.

Other Co-Productions currently being produced with The Jeffrey Porch:

  • Detroit East, Inc., Promotional Documentaries & Training Videos
  • Detroit Oral History, Documentary
  • Redford Historical, Documentary

Young Muslim Association, Prayer Instructions. A co-production with filmmaker Audrey Geyer. Delirium Films is working with the Islamic Center of America on an instructional video to be used in demonstrating the proper way to pray for young muslims.

Other Co-Productions currently being produced with Audrey Geyer Productions:

  • ACCESS, Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services, Corporate Industrial Video.
  • Patient Advocacy, Documentary & Public Service Messages
  • The Ghusal, Instructional Video
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